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Thai Top Shelf Cannabis in Thailand Totally worth the hype

Review: Totally worth the hype



    Thai Top Shelf

    I’ve been following the Thai Top Shelf Youtube channel for several months and I’ve binge watched nearly all of their videos over that time. I recently visited Chiang Mai for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised to find their dispensary in Nimman while browsing Google Maps.

    I’m obviously a fan of their Youtube channel, so I’m a bit biased, but I gotta say their cannabis is simply beautiful. Some of the best weed I’ve seen in my entire life. In my country, we don’t have anything near this quality of cannabis, so I was pleasantly surprised by their selection.

    I tried the Wild Runtz which was by “Canis Major” and the Emergen-C which was grown by “Underground Grower”. I was very impressed by both of them. I actually wish I bought more before leaving for Phuket, since the weed is was more expensive and not nearly as good.

    I think it’s very cool to see a dispensary share the name of the growers since I was able to find their Instagram profiles after buying from the shop. I’ve never seen anything like this, super neat.

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