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Is Cannabis Legal in Thailand? What you need to know

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Is cannabis legal in Thailand? This FAQ will help you navigate weed in the land of smiles.

It’s still early days, and there are many unknowns. This information was compiled from various news sources as of July 3rd, 2022. This information does NOT constitute legal advice, and we take NO RESPONSIBILITY for this information.

– Cannabis posession and smoking is legal for the 20+ crowd
– It is illegal to use cannabis if you are breastfeeding or pregnant
– Don’t smoke in public
– Extracts are still illegal (the definition of extract is still unclear)
– It’s early days still, there are many unknowns, please exercise caution
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FAQ – Is cannabis legal in Thailand?

Can I legally buy and smoke cannabis in Thailand?

Yes! According to the Royal Thai Police, you’re now allowed to own, grow, and smoke cannabis plants with some limitations. Please note there are still alot of unknowns, its’ recommended to exercise some caution.

Who can consume cannabis in Thailand?

Generally, most adults 20 years or older can consume cannabis in Thailand.
This includes tourists!
Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are currently prohibited from consuming cannabis.

Can I smoke everywhere?

Smoking in public may constitute a public nuissance. Its’ recommended to smoke in private only for the time being. Repeat offenders may face a 25,000 baht fine.

What is this public nuisance rule?

The Thai government issued a nuisance rule about cannabis smoking, which is intended to protect the public from risks associated with second hand smoke. This is similar to tobacco smoking laws. You may face a fine and/or jail time for causing a public nuisance if other can smell the smoke. The fine ranges from 2,000 – 25,000 baht and up three months in jail.

Until the Thai government issues further clarifications, its’ generally recomended to smoke in private or inside established businesses that allow smoking.

Where can I buy cannabis?

You can legally buy cannabis at dispensaries and through delivery services all over Thailand. New locations are popping up all the time, and we do our best to list all the best ones!

Can I buy and use cannabis extracts?

Cannabis extracts containing more than 0.2% THC are still considered a Category 5 narcotic. There is some confusion about what constitutes an extract. Until the Thai government issues a further clarification, it is safe to assume that THC oils, hash, waxes, tinctures and etc are illegal.

Can I bring cannabis on domestic flights?

Yes! You’re allowed to bring cannabis on domestic flights, as long as you’re following airline luggage policies.

I want to grow my own cannabis in Thailand, are there any concerns?

Growers are being encouraged to use an app called Plook Ganja to register their plants with local governments. It’s unclear if and how this will be enforced.

What else should I know?

It’s early days still, and there are many unknowns, like definitions, enforcement practices and etc. Multiple Thai authorities have indicated that clarification in the form of legislation, enforcement practices, definitions and etc will be forthcoming at some point in the future. Please exercise caution in the meanwhile.

Where can I read more about cannabis in Thailand?

The Reddit forum r/CannabisThailand has an actively managed Wiki about cannabis legality in Thailand. (as of June 30th 2022). We also recommend checking out An Expat’s Guide to Cannabis in Thailand made by our friends at ExpatDen.

For a quick reference sheet, you may access this article published in the Bangkok Post on June 9th, 2022