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How To Claim a Business Listing – GUIDE

Cannabis dispensary store

ThaiWeedGuide is Thailands largest cannabis website and directory. If your business or store is already on our site and you want to own or edit the page, you need to claim your business. After you’ve claimed it you can change products, images, prices and more on your store page.

If your cannabis business is not on our website, you can click here to find out how to add your business listing instead.

Claim Your Business

These simple steps will help you add your cannabis business to our directory.

  1. Register an account
    You need an account to claim your business to ThaiWeedGuide. Click here to register. You only need an email address.
  2. Claim your listing
    Once you have created an account, visit your stores listing and press Claim Listing.
    Claim Your Listing
  3. Fill in your claim
    Please provide information and legitimate proof that you are the owner of the business you are claiming. For example information about who you are in relation to the business or business registration information.

    You can also choose to message us from one of your social media accounts and let us know that you are claiming your business, along with your username on ThaiWeedGuide. This could be on Instagram or Facebook.
  4. Wait for approval
    Once you have submitted your claim it takes up to 24 hours (often as fast as 1 hour) for your ownership to become active if it is approved. You will receive an email when your business is live on the site.

After approval you are set as the owner of your cannabis business page and can come back and update or edit the information at any time so that your customers can stay updated.