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Who offers weed delivery in Chiang Mai?

    Who offers weed delivery in Chiang Mai?

    How to get your weed delivered

    If you are too lazy to get off your butt, or just don’t have the time, you can always have your weed delivered straight to your door. With the convenience of courier services offered by Grab, Lineman and others, weed delivery in Chiang Mai is easier, cheaper and faster than ever. Buying cannabis online is all about finding a business you can trust, and in this article we show you the best of what’s available in the city at the time of writing. If you’d rather go visit a cannabis café or dispensary in person, check out our Chiang Mai weed directory.

    The businesses below are hand-picked by ThaiWeedGuide based on customer feedback, recommendations, own experiences and other aspects. This does not constitute that they are necessarily the best for you. Check out all weed delivery services in Chiang Mai and find out which one is fits you.

    Please note that strains offered and prices listed might have changed by the time you’re reading this article. These stores are in no particular order. Last updated on November 21, 2022.

    Thai Top Shelf is an online cannabis delivery service aimed at top shelf smokers all over Thailand and based in Chiang Mai. Launched by the same people who run the YouTube channel with the same name, so you know that they know their stuff. These are people who definitely gets high on their own supply knows the ins and outs of the strains they sell. It’s not the cheapest buds with current prices hovering around ฿700-800/g. But then again this is top shelf curated weed which we hope will deliver. They do offer deals on larger quantities (7g, 14g and 28g).

    Thai Top Shelf offers fast delivery in Chiang Mai as well as nationwide across Thailand, both free on orders ฿3000+. Visit Thai Top Shelf’s listing on ThaiWeedGuide to find out more and place an order.

    Dank Heaven Cannabis Logo Chiang Mai

    This dispensary has a store on the third floor of the Vegan Heaven restaurant located across the street from the walls of the Wat Phan Tong temple. Dank Heaven cultivates and sell their own flower exclusively to maintain full quality control across the supply chain. You can still find plenty of strains though and their menu offers strains like Kirkwood OG, Sour Face, Oregon Lemons and many more. Prices per gram range from ฿400 to ฿700 and discounts are offered for quantities larger than 3.5g (“an eight”). They also offer pre-rolls from their whole menu starting at ฿250 for 0.7g of pure flower.

    Dank Heaven offers free delivery on orders over ฿1000. Ordering can be done through Facebook Messenger, email, or phone. Head over to Dank Heaven’s listing on ThaiWeedGuide for all the contact details.

    This shop has two locations in Chiang Mai, their main one is located in the old town and a smaller one on Nimman. These weed shops are run by a lovely stoner couple out of a small hut located in a café called See You Soon. Their shelves are well stocked and they have a lot of top shelf stuff and make great recommendations. In addition they also stock a good selection of smoking accessories like pipes and bongs.

    StonerCNX offers free delivery with Grab or EMS throughout Thailand. To find out more, check the StonerCNX listing on ThaiWeedGuide for more information straight from the store.

    This shop has risen to fame as Chiang Mai’s first premium cannabis dispensary. They carry curated and top-shelf indoor buds. From what we hear this is very true with great reviews on their Gorilla Princess strain and on their other buds in general. M Studio also offers pre-rolls for ฿500 as well as CBD body products from Sabu-Sabu. Prices range from ฿500/g for Miracle Cookies to ฿700/g for premium strains like Purple Temple Kush or the classic Critical OG.

    M Studio Cannabis Dispensary offers both local and nationwide shipping. Check out the M Studio listing on ThaiWeedGuide to find contact information and more on how to order.

    More weed delivery services in Chiang Mai

    These are just a small selection of what Chiang Mai has to offer when it comes to getting cannabis delivered to your door. There are of course many others out there who are just as good. Whether you are a local living here or a tourist in a hotel, know that there will always be weed in need. Check out the directory for the full list of cannabis stores in Chiang Mai.