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Thailand legalizes cannabis!

    Thailand legalizes cannabis!

    Legal weed in Thailand

    Last Thursday (June 9, 2022), Thailand finally made it legal to grow and possess marijuana. These amazing news are being celebrated around the country with new businesses sprouting up and festivals being held in honor of the magic plant.

    The Ministry of Public Health published an announcement in the Royal Gazette removing cannabis from the government’s Category 5 narcotics list, making Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to do so.

    In addition to Thailand becoming a cannabis dreamland, the minister of public health plans to give out 1 million marijuana seedlings starting on Friday.

    With the removal of marijuana from the category of narcotic drugs by the Food and Drug Administration, Thailand becomes the first country in Asia to decriminalize marijuana for medical and industrial purposes.

    Currently, it appears that the government will not police what people can grow and smoke at home, aside from registering to do so and claiming it is for medical purposes.