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All The Most Iconic Weed Stores in Bangkok

The Most Iconic Weed Stores in Bangkok

    The Most Iconic Weed Stores in Bangkok

    Weed stores in Bangkok to see during your visit

    If you are a visitor to Bangkok and want to visit dispensaries and weed stores as a tourist, it might be tempting to check out some of the OG’s when it comes to selling legal weed in the capital. This list aims to help you in your travel planning and find out who these icons are, where to find them and why they deserve some attention. We’ll start this list off with one of the most famous dispensaries in the country…

    Thailand and Highland go together. Located in the Lat Prao district of Bangkok, they opened in 2019 and has been waiting ever since for cannabis to be legalized. As such they were one of the first to open up for the sale of cannabis in Bangkok. But they had already been loud supporters of decriminalisation for almost a decade.

    Behind the café/dispensary stands The Highland Network who were featured in the Netflix documentary “Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening“. It all started off as a small Thai Facebook page and over the years became something large enough to sway politicians. Every cannabis smoker in Thailand has to be thankful for the work they put in to reach where we are today. In addition they have also hosted seven cannabis festivals in the country, long before legalisation. For these reasons we think they deserve to be at the top of the list and a must visit during your trip to Bangkok.

    Interior of Highland Café weed store in Bangkok
    Staff of Sukhumweed weed store in Bangkok

    This shop officially opened on the day of legalisation. Sukhumweed is located on, you guessed it, Sukhumvit road. A bustling and lively area of Bangkok that is popular with visitors and expats. Located just 200 meters from Ekkamai BTS station, it should be easy to find using our weed map of Thailand.

    The owner of Sukhumweed is “Beer” Soranut who used to be a child actor in Thailand. However he got caught using cannabis through the industry and suddenly became unhirable. Instead, Beer used years of his time advocating for legalisation until he got his sweet vindication. They’ve also started off a growers club for cannabis enthusiasts to learn how to grow their own plants and the promotion of Thai grown cannabis. The aptly named Sukhumweed is a must visit if you are in the Sukhumvit area.

    Leaf also opened their doors long before weed became legal. Before legalisation they mainly operated as a café with the classic CBD infused drinks and treats. Today they are also selling a wide variety of cannabis flower, potent edibles, joints and offer you the opportunity to have a chill smoke session in their garden.

    While the interior of the café might not be very special, this shop makes up for it with good vibes, fun people and delicious highs. A fair warning is that the edibles can be pretty strong so if you’re new, start with a level 1 brownie and wash it down with a delicious drink. If you’re staying in the Sathorn area of Bangkok, this place is worth a visit.

    This shop opened just days after legalisation thus being one of the first weed stores in Bangkok. Located close to the Asok intersection of Sukhumvit road. Chopaka’s main focus are terpene and CBD infused gummies and candies, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have top shelf weed. They generally offer a small selection of cannabis grown organically and ethically in Thailand. While the prices has been on the higher side, the feedback on their buds have been amazing.

    If you’re a local to Thailand and interested in cannabis there is a high chance that you’ve heard of the owner, Kitty Chopaka. Formerly a team member of Highland, she has been a long time advocate for pushing cannabis legalisation in the Kingdom. In addition she has traveled the world, seeking inspiration for her shop and the creation of their terpene jellys.

    Looking for more Bangkok weed stores?

    As with cannabis, there is a different strain for everyone. In the same way there is a different dispensary for everyone too. We recommend that you also check out our cannabis dispensary list for Bangkok where you can find the best weed stores Bangkok has to offer or our weed map to find weed near your location. Read the reviews and check out the pictures and info to make your own list of dispensaries to visit.