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100,000 people apply to grow weed on first day

    With Thailand decriminalizing cannabis there has been a big interest in growing plants at home. Thailand’s FDA has revealed that more than 100,000 cannabis growers registered via the ‘Plook Ganja’ website and mobile application on the first day of legalization.

    Thai people who want to grow at home don’t need to seek permission as long as they simply register your grow through “Plook Ganja” (“Grow Cannabis”). Download on iPhone or register directly on the website.

    The amount of people trying to register ended up crashing the website, but is now working again. As of now, it looks like growing cannabis is only allowed for Thai citizens since you have to register a Thai ID card. 

    Growers must specify their intentions for cultivating the plant when registering, whether it is for personal use, treating someone else’s health problem, for household use, for use in the creation of other medicinal products, or for commercial use (this list is not exhaustive).

    Starting today, June 9th, no part of the cannabis plant is classified as a Category 5 narcotic anymore. Important to note is that no extracts (such as oils) made from cannabis is allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC.

    Possession of cannabis is no longer illegal in Thailand, but “releasing cannabis smoke” is punishable by 3 months in prison if someone reports the smoker as a “public nuisance.”

    Source: MGR